Holiday House Tour

Holiday House Tour general tickets ($45 per person) on sale now – purchase through!  

Saturday, December 9, 4-7pm & Sunday, December 10, 1-5pm 

This year’s tour highlights the Newtown Historic District featuring six historic homes and a storefront. We cannot wait to see you! Get a rare glimpse inside stunning landmark homes decorated for the holidays. Discover the history of Staunton and experience the results of thoughtful rehabilitation in our community. Can’t fit it all into one day? Don’t worry, your tickets are good for both days.

Please support neighborhood revitalization by becoming a donor! 

HSF 2023 donors are eligible to purchase tickets to the Donor’s Holiday Party, Saturday December 9th from 6-9 PM.

Enjoy a beautiful evening including food and beverages. Purchase combined tour and party tickets ($120 per person) by contacting the Historic Staunton Foundation at 540-885-7676 or

All tickets are non-refundable – This is HSF’s big fundraiser, and we appreciate your support!

Previous House Tour Brochures

Click on each brochure below to read about the historical neighborhoods that were toured and about individual houses visited.