A Historical Timeline of Staunton’s Architecture

Staunton Architecture: Building Community

Below you will find a selection of museum displays from a 2007 joint collaboration between the Augusta County Historical Society, the Historic Staunton Foundation and the Staunton Augusta Art Center, held at the R. R. Smith Center for History and Art.

This collection will grow as we add more online. 

History Panels:

  • Building on the Frontier
  • Rise of the Institutions
  • Post-war Awaking
  • Staunton’s Boom Years
  • Paving the Road for Progress
  • Downtown Thrives
  • Urban Removal


Our community has one constant: It is always changing

Every generation leaves its mark
From humble beginnings to grand growth
From slow decay to exciting rebirth

Everyone builds community in all ways and in all times

This exhibit is a small visual slice of that rich and complex story

Various historic images trace Staunton history through time
Thomas Blackburn’s drawings reveal the surprising connection with Thomas Jefferson
T. J. Collins and his son Sam, create stylistic designs in the popular motifs of the day
John Ruseau’s illustrations reflect a talented eye and a love for our buildings
The entire community comes together to create an exciting renaissance of our rich heritage

What will our legacy be for the next generation of our community?

History Panels