People across America this month will be celebrating their built environment – where they live,work and play.

To participate in this national celebration, we encourage you to make an appointment with Historic Staunton Foundation office on the third floor of the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art at 20 South New Street. HSF’s maps and building files will help you discover Staunton’s buildings and neighborhoods. Dig into research for your own project, HSF staff can help you discover best practices for maintenance and rehabilitation of properties and revitalization of

  • Visit all six of Staunton’s historic districts and find out why each one is so distinctive and attractive.
  • Shop and dine in Staunton’s historic downtown and see how it has become a successful commercial area.
  • Tour our historic cemeteries to learn about our community’s ancestors – the people who built and made the Staunton that we all still enjoy today.
  • Take a free Saturday morning walking tour with an HSF volunteer and enjoy what national newspapers, magazines, and websites are writing about.
  • Celebrating National Preservation Month, Historic Staunton Foundation invites you to check back often for three new series highlighting local historic preservation:

“People Saving Places” – profiling commercial owners, and residents who are preserving our community.

“Lost Buildings”– featuring old structures and sites that were once here, and through their loss, highlight the importance of saving our history and heritage through preservation.

“What Style is This?” – a monthly investigation of architectural styles in Staunton, and how history has defined a style, and how it has endured locally.

Help us spread the word that historic preservation is important locally:

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  • Look through our website for greater details.