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Residential Rehabilitation Awards

231 Sycamore Street | Kelly Grantier

A complete rehabilitation of a 1911 vernacular frame house with Queen Ann characteristics.  Work involved taking the two unit dwelling and converting it back to a single family home.  Restoration of pocket doors, fireplaces, floors and windows highlight the work.  Contemporary kitchen and baths fit in well utilizing salvaged and new fixtures.  The home shows proudly along Sycamore with its striking color scheme and details including restored traditional wood storms and bronze screens and entry transom.

619 West Frederick Street  | Shannon Harrington – Queen City Concepts

A dramatic save of a vernacular Victorian on West Frederick Street. The house was missing part or most of its rear wall and floors.  Due to significant water damage, the interior was taken back to bare studs.  The complete house insulated, plumbed, wired, with new HVAC. New finishes, contemporary kitchen, with the historic windows, floors, stairs, woodwork, and chimney saved and rehabbed.

316 North New Street | Lillian Clampitt & Carol Long

316 North New was rehabbed with great attention to uncovering significant features of the house and bringing back the beauty of a wonderful Victorian. Exterior work included foundation repair, porch restoration and roofing.  The house was returned to a single-family residence from chopped multi-unit apartments.  Work required removing mechanical equipment and restoring the front entry and hall, opening blocked doors, uncovering fireplaces, and creating new kitchen and baths.  All historic surfaces including walls, floors and woodwork were repaired and refinished as well as updates for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

Commercial Rehabilitation Awards

16-18 S. New Street, Staunton | Augusta Health

Covered with paint, extensive brick deterioration, and a leaking roof; the building has been transformed through rehabilitation that provides better commercial space and sustainable maintenance.   Augusta Health stripped the paint, restored the exterior brickwork, installed a new roof, conducted interior structure repairs, created a safe entry, and provided an accessible entrance.

12 East Beverley | Chip Clark

A dramatic rehabilitation requiring extensive structural remediation and complete reconstruction of the rear portions of the building. Floors leveled, stairs to 2nd floor returned to original location, wood floors repaired and refinished, walls stripped and plastered, woodwork replaced or repaired, restored pressed tin ceiling, all new restaurant exhaust systems, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. New roof and proper drainage. The storefront stained glass restored based upon period photos and remnants of original glass.

5 Middlebrook Avenue | Seth Liskey

Seth Liskey completed rehabilitation of the interior of the warehouse building.  Interior historic features were reused to accentuate the financial offices.  Features such as the freight elevator, cold storage room, wood floors, heavy timber framing, and brick walls provide historic character to this modern office. The building is the first in Staunton Historic Districts to use a full solar array on the roof. The solar has little to no view with little change to the historic character of the building.

Staunton Heritage Preservation Award

 Sharon Angle

Sharon’s Leadership saw the City of Staunton through pivotal community projects, grants, and day to day work guiding City planning functions. Here are just a few that illustrate the profound success of preservation planning in this small city:

  • Rehab of City Courts Building – Cochran Judicial Center
  • Rehab of City Hall
  • Establishment and Guidance of The City’s Historic Preservation Commission
  • Extensive work with SDDA
  • FEMA Flood Proofing – Wharf
  • Big Digs: Downtown Streetscape (Wharf, Beverley St., Augusta St., and Market St. ) and the soon to come Central Ave. project
  • Mitigation of Churchville Avenue widening
  • Community Block Grants including the Stonewall Jackson Hotel and the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Initiatives such as Corridor Entryway planning and rezoning of traditional neighborhoods to reflect their real character.

Restoration Craftsman Award

Ted Jordan (Posthumous)

A man who exemplified craftsmanship in rehabilitation of historic architecture, Ted’s work included rehabilitation of historic buildings but also excellent construction of new homes and additions to historic buildings. His attention to detail, mathematics, and dedication to a quality workday ensured his projects and clients were top priority.