On Friday October 7, at twelve noon, we will visit the Selma neighborhood, located just north of Gypsy Hill Park. During our visit we will discuss the rich and diverse range of residential architectural styles along Selma Boulevard and take a look at the 1850, Greek Revival, Selma House, once the central manor house of a 790 acre plantation. We will discuss the impacts of changes in the streets and sidewalks on the neighborhood, look at yard, and garden details, and end at the cluster of historic commercial buildings anchoring the southwest corner of the neighborhood along Spring Hill Road. Placing the neighborhood in the larger context of the City, we’ll touch on the history of the annexation of this part of town and discuss it’s development in proximity to Gypsy Hill Park. Residents from Selma will join us with stories about the experience of living in and growing up in the neighborhood. Join us as we explore Selma!

Please park in Gypsy Hill Park, cross Churchville Avenue, and meet on Selma Boulevard at the intersection of Selma Boulevard and Churchville Avenue.

Selma Neighborhood Walking Tour Maps and Photographs