Revitalization Through Historic Preservation

Posted on Jun 29, 2021

Revitalization of Existing Neighborhoods is Critical Research & Policy Lab : The Atlas of ReUrbanism

  • Economic vitality, including jobs in new businesses and small businesses
  • Inclusiveness, including housing affordability and business ownership
  • Density and diversity, including counts and characteristics of people, housing, and jobs

“Untapped Potential” research by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Partnership for Building Reuse and the Urban Land Institute 

  • Older buildings and neighborhoods provide architectural character, sustain diversity, contribute dense and walkable communities and fuel local economies

Research by Place Economics Twenty Four Reasons Historic Preservation is Good for Your Community  

  • Older and Historic neighborhoods are the key to Smart Growth.
  • Providing basic protection of older neighborhoods is an easy sustainable development strategy
  • The use of older, existing pre-1960 housing stock must be a central component of an affordable housing strategy.

Research by  provides great ideas for economic development: