History of Staunton Flooding and Flood Mitigation Resources

History of Staunton's Floods and Disaster Relief Resources

History of Staunton Flooding and Flood Mitigation

HSF Presentation created for Preservation Virginia’s “Historic Resources and Disasters” HSF Green Infrastructure to Mitigate Historic Property Damage

History of Flooding in Staunton Brochure.  Rebecca Joyce, program manager for the Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission and HSF board member Sharon Angle to share their experience with flood mitigation and urban planning.

Flood Mitigation Resources for Building and Store Owners 

“Building owners face a distinct set of challenges in responding to natural disasters. While they can rely to a certain extent on local, city, and state agencies to provide post-disaster services, they are ultimately responsible for caring for their own properties. These resources can help building owners respond quickly and effectively in order to minimize property damage and ensure a safe return home.” – NTHP

DHR – Virginia Department of Historic Resources: Natural Disaster Recovery Advisory: For Owners and Managers of Historic Buildings in Virginia

National Trust for Historic Preservation: Disaster Relief and Recovery  /  Treatment of Flood-Damage Older and Historic Buildings

Preservation Virginia Webinar: Historic Resources and Disasters Webinar