2012 Feasibility Study

Augusta County Courthouse Feasibility Study

Augusta County Courthouse Study Vol.I

Augusta County Courthouse Study Vol.II

In 2012, an excellent study was paid for by Augusta County and conducted by Frazier Associates to evaluate the historic courthouse and to address future needs. We encourage everyone to review the findings set out in Augusta County Courthouse Feasibility Study.  The study, summarized below,  provides sustainable solutions for the rehabilitation of the historic Augusta County Courthouse that allow long term use of the facility.

Using this information, schematic design options for the building were developed which included interior alterations and new additions along the Barristers Row Alley. The chosen design provides for future staff requirements and adds spaces currently missing from the building such as separated waiting areas and attorney witness conference rooms. Circulation routes for the public, staff, and prisoners are separated and elevators provide handicap access between the floors. While the building does not completely address every standard that would be incorporated into a new courthouse, the overall security and functionality of the building would be greatly increased by implementing the recommendations of this report.


If you would like to download a copy of Volume 1 of the study we have provided a link to scribd for your convenience.

Augusta Courthouse Study Vol. 1