Rehabilitation in Staunton’s Historic Districts


Historic preservation is not just about saving old buildings. It is also the practice of preserving and revitalizing neighborhoods and entire communities – bringing people together and preserving local stories and culture. It has demonstrated its ability to replace urban decay with a sense of community pride. It has also a sound economic policy, proven to be have a positive impact on the local economy as well as the environment.

“. . . historic preservation is good for the economy. In the last 15 years, dozens of studies have been conducted throughout the United States, by different analysts, using different methodologies. But the results of those studies are remarkably consistent — historic preservation is good for the local economy. From this large and growing body of research, the positive impact of historic preservation on the economy has been documented in six broad areas: 1) jobs, 2) property values, 3) heritage tourism, 4) environmental impact, 5) social impact, and 6) downtown revitalization.”–Measuring the Economics of Preservation: Recent Findings, Prepared for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation by PlaceEconomics, June, 2011. Read more.

In Staunton, residential and commercial preservation projects continue to strengthening surrounding neighborhoods and build a vibrant downtown core. More people living and working downtown 24/7 ensures a healthy, vibrant historic district.

“It is important to remember that preservation isn’t something that’s ‘finished’. Staunton is a living, breathing community that faces hundreds of decisions each year that will affect the future. You can make those decisions in a vacuum – and end up like ‘Anyplace U.S.A.’ Or Staunton can build on the incredible 40-year work of Historic Staunton Foundation and determine to keep your heritage, your buildings, your community unique and at the forefront of plans for the years ahead.” — David J. Brown, Executive Vice President and Chief Preservation Officer, NTHP, in his address to the membership of HSF. Read more.