Kelly GrantierWhere are you from?

My family and I moved to Staunton almost 12 years ago from Richmond. Before that I lived in Northern Virginia and New England.

Why did you choose Staunton for your location?

My husband, John, and I had spent most of our lives living in large cities, and his job transfer to Fishersville afforded us with an opening to make a change. The walkable, close-knit community and slower pace of Staunton is the perfect place to raise a family.

What attracted you to the properties that you have rehabbed?

Living in Staunton has presented me with the opportunity to explore my life-long passion for historic preservation and home rehabilitation. No matter the size or style, each house is unique and has a story worth saving.

Did you use tax credits?

No, I did not. It depends on the individual project. I did, however, take advantage of Staunton City’s tax abatement program.