Preservation Awards

Guidelines and Nomination Procedures

HSF will accept nominations for our Annual Preservation Awards through Friday, December 28, 2018. You must be an HSF member to make a submission (award winners do not need to be members). Awards will be presented at HSF’s Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

If you are not currently a member, we welcome you to join HSF now!

About the Awards

Starting the tradition in 1978, Historic Staunton Foundation provides annual awards to honor quality local historic preservation projects.  HSF’s Annual Awards Committee reviews the nominations and contacts those selected to receive an award.   The awards are presented at HSF’s Annual Members Meeting held each year in January.

The HSF Annual Awards Committee will review the projects nominated in relation to the Secretary of Interior Guidelines for Rehabilitation.

Choosing Rehabilitation as Treatment

In Rehabilitation, historic building materials and character-defining features are protected and maintained as they are in the treatment Preservation; however, an assumption is made prior to work that existing historic fabric has become damaged or deteriorated over time and, as a result, more repair and replacement will be required. Thus, latitude is given in the Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitation to replace extensively deteriorated, damaged, or missing features using either traditional or substitute materials. Of the four treatments, only Rehabilitation includes an opportunity to make possible an efficient contemporary use through alterations and additions.  [Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, National Park Service]


  • Nominations are for completed projects only. Projects must be completed within the last two years.
  • You may nominate your own project.
  • You may re-submit a nomination from the year before. Only one re-submission allowed per project
  • You may email your nomination materials to [email protected] or deliver to: 

Historic Staunton Foundation
R.R. Smith Center for History & Art
20 South New Street
Staunton, VA 24401

How to Nominate

Using the Award Categories listed below, please describe (in about 500 words) the project or achievement and how you feel this meets the award descriptions.
Here are sample subjects to help you tell your story:

  1. List the characteristics of the building.
    • Age, style, materials, setting, neighborhood, etc.
  2. How were building components preserved and rehabilitated?
    • Such as porches, dormers, roof lines, chimneys, windows, doors
  3. How were historic materials preserved in place or replaced in kind due to deterioration?
    • Such as roofing, siding, woodwork, windows, plaster, lighting
  4. How were historic room arrangements preserved?
    • If rearranged, why? and did changes contribute to the preservation, usefulness and livability of the building while retaining architectural character
  5. Include pertinent information in your nomination: Nominee’s name and contact information, the address of the property, and your name and contact information (preferably your email address).
  6. Indicate whether or not HSF staff and/or committee members come to take additional photographs of the project.
  7. Submit six HIGH QUALITY (1024 x 768) “before” and six “after” digital photos which directly relate to one another. The Committee must have clear visual materials to understand the project. We will use the photos for a slide show presentation at the Annual Meeting and for publicity and website use. Please try to supply photos that support the written description and that visually tell the story of before and after the rehabilitation.
  8. Indicate whether or not the project was reviewed by the City of Staunton Historic Preservation Commission or if it was a Historic Tax Credit Project.

Award Categories

Category A: Commercial Rehabilitation

To recognize outstanding preservation and rehabilitation of an historic commercial building.  The rehabilitation can support commercial use such as a store, workshop, or industrial use. The conversion of upper floors to residential living is included in this category while rehabbing the ground floor for commercial space.

Category B: Total Residential Rehabilitation/Restoration

To honor a homeowner who completes rehabilitation/restoration of a 50+ year-old historic residential structure within Staunton or Augusta County.

Category C: Infill Development

Infill development is the construction of a new building and landscape on the occasional vacant lot within a block of existing historic buildings. This award honors the compatibility of a new structure within a historic district.

Category D: Residential Special Project

To honor a special rehabilitation project undertaken within a residence that is respectful of the property’s historic architectural character and significance.

Category E: Restoration Craftsmanship

To honor an architect, designer, contractor, and craftsman who demonstrates exceptional skill, talent, and craftsmanship in the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of historic projects.

Category G: Staunton Heritage Preservation

To honor an individual or group/organization who exemplifies the ideas of HSF through significant commitment and advocacy in the preservation of Staunton’s heritage and historic resources.