Supporters of HSF

Thank you!

Historic Staunton Foundation wishes to extend a sincere thank you to this year’s donors. We could not do what we do without your generous and continued support. Thank you!!

Thank You to the Following Donors for Their Support in 2020

Finial Supporters

Henley Carter

Portico Supporters

Ms. Dreama Anderson
Ingrid and Dennis Blanton
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L.M. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Denney
Linda and Van Hanna
Tom Hamlin and Don Haynie
Karen and John Hudson
Elsa and Joe Mcnamara
Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore, Jr.
Dorothy Duval Nelson
Mr. Davidson Perry‐Miller
Mr. and Mrs. H. Roller Shipplett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watson

Column Supporters

Charlotte Allen
Ms. Kathryn Delaney and Mr. G.
William Anderson
Sharon E. Angle
Ms. Margaret Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. David Arnold
Amanda Avery
Judd & Dabney Bankert
Charles and Melinda Bare
Margie and Gordon Barlow
David Schuenke and Michael Boren
Marc Borzelleca
Roger and Kennon Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bowers
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Branscome
Barbara Ann Brothers
David and Candice Brown
The Honorable and Mrs. Rudolph Bumgardner, III
Steven and Lynda Benjamin Butler
Capt. Davis & Jane Davis Cangalosi
Ron and Rish Capps
Robert and Paula Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F.M. Cathey
Michael Ceruti
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cohen
Mary Hill Cole
Dr. Christopher Collins
Lucinda Cooke
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Cooke, Jr.
Peter and Faye Cooper
Sophia Coplai
Ed and Nan Covert
BrigiƩe Cowan
Ms. AliƟa Cross
Patricia Devitt
Mr. and Mrs. David Didawick
Rick and Robin Dietrich
James Harris Dillon
Ruth Arnold and Louis Dolive
Emma and George Drummond
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Duke
Allen M. Earman
Barbara and Ray Firehock
Suzanne Fisher
Timothy and Samar Fitzgerald
Carolyn Moore Ford
Jacque and Charlie Frankfort
David and Cindy Fuller
Mrs. Betsy Gaffney
Wayt and Sylvia Gibbs
A. Renee Staton and Steve Grande
Maureen and Dave Gray
Ann Grey
Lynn & Stan Grimm
Robert Craycroft and Anne Hanger
Bill and Karen Hanna
Patricia Hardesty
Margaret Henderson
Pam and Jim Huggins
Francis Ferguson and David Kane
Barbara Whipple and Paul Kazarov
Foster Everiss and Maureen Kelly
Amy Kiger
Jim and Joan Kivlighan
Becky Kohler
Cynthia Seibels and John Kolp
Swen Laser
Dr. Pamela Fox and Mr. Dan Layman
Ms. Letitia Leadbetter
Mr. and Mrs. Carter C. Lively
Jim Lott
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Lunsford
Jane and Preston Manning
Dr. and Mrs Robert S. Markley
Elaine E.K. McCarrick
Lois Ramsey McClure
Nancy M. McDaniel
Frank and Betty McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Dave McGovern
James McHone
Catherine Melton
Dave and Debbie Metz
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Miller, Sr
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Morrison
Sally Mueller
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Nielson
Margie and Walt Obenschain
Steve and Shelby Owen
Richard Robbins Pancake
Col. (Ret.) Melissa E. Patrick
Deborah Patton
Lundy and Ellen Pentz
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pittman
Roger and Louisa Priore
Asterie and Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pyle
Mike and Mary Jim Quillen
Bonnie Ralston
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rankin
Dr. Paula O. Rau
Chip Read
John Reid
Grace A. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ridenour
Ray and Pam Robbins Cubbage
Teri Robinson
Carol and Buffy Shapiro
William M. Saxman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Shue
Mr & Mrs. Theodore G. Shuey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sibert
Mrs. Nancy Brubeck Simon
Ethel M. Smeak
Anthea Smith
Mr. William F. Sowers, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Spencer
Mr. Michael Stahl
Frank and Bonny Strassler
Carolyn Suffern
Ms. Janet Surratt
Mr. and Mrs. John Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tankard
Sergei Troubetzkoy
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson F. Vellines, Jr.
Fran & Bill Von Seldeneck
Ms. Carolyn Walas
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Watkins
Thomas & Cynthia Weidner, IV PLLC
Hugh and Connie Westfall
Louise Whipple
Judith C. Wiegand
Nancy Street Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wills
Sharon and Scott Wilson
Janet and Joseph Witcofsky
Bill & Kim Woodwell
Jeff and Susan Young

Pediment Supporters

Bob Barron & Fred Blanton
Col. Hugh B. Sproul III
Linda Steigleder & Clark Wiedmann

Arch Supporters

Scott and Peggy Balin
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Thomas R. Beam (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Boxley III
Dr. Bob and Sharon Driscoll
Tom and Diane Fechtel
Mrs. Beate Harnad
Dr. Sara Nair James
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Kipp
Mr. Seth Liskey
Chris and Betsy Little
Annie Mathot
Liz and Joe McCue
Mrs. Alice P. McLeod
Ann D. McPherson
Cheri and Phil Moran
David and Heather Morgan
Dr. Alice D. Murphy
Dr. Julie and Mr. Stephen Plumbley
Susan M. Polly
Mary and Wayt Timberlake
Margaret Ttee
Marion Anne Ward

Pedestal Supporters

Karen Bergmann
Michael C. Brown, Architect
Dr. and Mrs. Carie Buckley
Louise Cissel
Judy Mosedale and Brandon Collins
Samuel C. Dawson
Thomas and Deborah Delare
Brian and Pamela Dettelbach
BillieJeanne Dietrich
Carolyn W. Dull
Cordelia Gary
Dr. Peggy Geren
Terrell Graham
Judith Green
The Gutzler Family
Donald & Sharlene Fowler
Jerry and Wendy Harman
Joe and Evy Harman
Mark and Sara Hollberg
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Jacobson
Brigitte M. Janssen
Diane L. Kent
Julie Kiessling
Elizabeth Kirtz
Joseph Knopp
Elizabeth Lane
David and Catherine Larson
Larry Lewis
Nick and Linda MacNeil
Carolyn Maloney
Mrs. Ann D. McMillan
Vern & Kristen McKissick
Daniel Metraux
Rae and Chip Milbourn
Ellen Lucius and Scott Milliman
Chris and Paula Miner
Ms. Carol B. Morency
Debbie and Ed Morse
Bob and Mary Beirne Nutt
Heather Overby
Duffy Pappas
Rickard and Dianne Pfizenmayer
Nancy Rhea
Kathryn Romig
Shirley and Ralph Ruedy
Robyn Sommerfield
Mrs. Terry Southerington
Lynn and Kevin Stockdale
Robert and Misa Kobayashi Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Supple
Mrs. Joan Swift
Geoffrey and Julie Trump
Steve and Dori Walk
William T. & Jane E. Walker
Dennis Ward
Mary Alice Wease
Robert and Mabel Lou Weiss
Jane & Bastian Wimmer
Lewis Wright

Thank You to the Following Businesses for Their Support in 2020

Gallerie Supporters

Village Development Associates, LLC
Proteus Foundation
Community Foundation

Atrium Supporters

FirstBank and Trust Company

Colonnade Supporters

Carr Family Foundation
McDonough Toyota
Tracy and Sarah Wilkins Charitable Foundation

Arcade Supporters

Chittum Christmas Tree Farm
Elmore, Hupp & Company, P.L.C.
Frazier Associates
Hiabrb Insurance Agency LLC
Knopp Enterprises, Inc.
Moffett Paving & Excavating Corporation
Peterson’s Car Wash
Phillips Philanthropy Advisors
Sam Shell Custom Carpentry, Inc.
Staunton Steam Laundry, Inc.
Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro Habitat for Humanity
Whitney J. Levin, Miller Levin PC
Wright’s Dairy Rite
Staunton School of Cosmetology, Inc.

Historic Staunton Foundation partners with the Staunton Community to protect, maintain, and enhanced the sense of place created by our historic structures and the build environment.