All of us interested in preserving the Augusta County Courthouse in its present use and location need to let our City Council and Board of Supervisors representatives know how we feel ASAP.

In the past week, letters between City of Staunton and Augusta County  officials made public the issues that are stalling agreement. The County Board of Supervisors agreed at their meeting on Wednesday to continue negotiations until December 1. The most significant areas of contention are the allocation of costs and accuracy of planning data. Other issues are largely details that can be addressed through negotiation. The schematic plans created by both the County and City for court facilities are preliminary. Cost sharing at any level will save the county money. If the county abandons its current facilities, the courthouse and the district court building, the city will likely have to buy them and pay the cost of renovation on its own. Working together to find an equitable solution is a win for us all.


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Staunton City Council

Augusta County Board of Supervisors