Friday April 1, 2016 @ 12 noon



Tour meets at noon at the old Coke bottling plant at 709 N. Augusta Street across from the Staunton Public Library.

Sunnyside Map


The Sunnyside neighborhood (adjacent to the Stuart Addition Historic District) is a historically African American community with a vibrant history and culture.    This close-knit neighborhood was a very important part of Staunton with its businesses, churches and connections to the surrounding institutions.   This area also included a theater, grocery stores, “clubs”,  a T.J. Collins designed school, and even it’s own brick making facility.   We will tour these sites and enjoy hearing directly from those who have childhood memories and stories of the community as well as a local writer, and others.

Join us as we take a walk through the community of Sunnyside.

Sunnyside Neighborhood Tour Photographs

Sunnyside Neighborhood Tour Handout

Sunnyside Neighborhood Map, 1914

Sunnyside Neighborhood Map, ca. 1950

Sunnyside Neighborhood Map, 2015