Staunton “White Elephants”

Walking tour meets in
R.R. Smith Center Memorial Garden
Friday, May 5 @ 12 Noon


Staunton has roughly 195,000 square feet of underutilized or vacant space in eleven historic buildings all within a three quarter mile radius (walking distance) of downtown. Our community shines with examples of adaptively reused historic buildings. Many of the successful projects are buildings of “manageable” size. They tend to be easier to adapt to business and reuse plans. However, we also have prime examples of large building rehabilitation.

“White Elephant” buildings – larger buildings that require creative partnerships and long-term solutions are a challenge but can be a revitalization asset.

HSF’s Friday Brown Bag Preservation Walk will be a casual stroll by a few of the buildings to outline their qualities, spur conversation, and discuss solutions used in other communities to revitalize similar properties.

We hope you will join us!