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T.J. Collins and Sons

Many claim no single person influences Staunton's architectural appearance more than T. J. Collins. When all of the facts are taken into consideration, it is impossible to disagree.

From 1891-1911, Collins designed and remodeled over 200 buildings and structures within Staunton and throughout the near by region, including: Harrisonburg, Lexington, Waynesboro and Orange County.

White Star Mill

Collins architectural range of style spanned from Romanesque Revival to Chateauesque to Queen Anne. As well as many others.

His designs can be seen in the Second Empire style Eakleton Hotel (now the R. R. Smith Center for History and Art), the Chateauesque/Queen Anne C.W. Miller House, the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, the Switzer Building, the C&O Train Station, and the Stonewall Jackson School.


Other T. J. Collins designs include the well known White Star Mills building housing Mill Street Grill,  and the Augusta County Courthouse.

After retiring, his son Sam continued in the tradition of his father and designed hundreds of buildings in the Staunton area and beyond until his own retirement in the 1950s.

Joseph Johnson, grandson of T. J., recently retried the family firm and in 1997 donated the Collins' architectural drawings and historic support materials to Historic Staunton Foundation. (See HSF's Resources and Services page for more information)

Historic Staunton Foundation is in the process of conserving the T. J. Collins and Son architectural drawings (over1,100 project files) in our archives. Tax-Deductable donations made to this effort are gratefully accepted.